Workplace Violence Prevention


Workplace violence, including acts or threats of physical harm, harassment, intimidation, or other disruptive behavior at the work site, requires California employers under the General Duty Clause of Cal/OSHA to provide a safe and secure environment for all employees.


Reliance Safety Consultants

Experts in Safety Management.

Reliance Safety Consultants (RSC) is a multifaceted safety company offering expert services to support your company’s safety management and compliance program. We specialize in offering customized services to match your specific needs and welcome the opportunity to help you enhance or develop your company’s safety program.

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Our Industry Leading Services

Our services will keep you safe, in compliance, and help you bring value to your organization.


On-site, we can offer to mock OSHA audits to help you to identify potential compliance issues. Moreover we can guide you to outline areas for improvement in order to create a safer workplace.

Written Programs

We can design your own safety manuals that include health and safety policies. All of them tailored to the potential risks of your workplace. We built them following the State, Federal and Provincial safety requirements.

On-site Training

We assist our clients with all the aspects of the project: from the analysis of variances, the development of a specific curriculum, the instructor training and finally the delivery. We can help you to figure out the best plan for your organization. 


Extraleap: our new digital channel for training. We offer you a simple, straight forward online training solution. Moreover we provide you a whole platform with the feature set to accomplish your organization’s objectives.

Our industry leading services.

Our services will keep you safe, in compliance, and help bring value to your organization.

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Enhancing Workplace Safety: Insights from RSC

Reflecting on 2023

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Cal/OSHA

14 years of Safety Excellence



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More than 40 years of combined knowledge and expertise in safety training to help you comply with mandated state and federal laws


Tailored and customized risk management solutions based on each client’s unique strategic safety goals and objectives


Manage your organization’s workforce related risk issues and challenges in safety, by addressing it at your workplace culture level

Empowering employees through safety ownership

Driven by an unwavering commitment to integrity,  relationships, and service,  RSC delivers long-term change and measurable, sustainable shifts in your workplace safety culture. Contact us to discuss your company’s occupational health and safety needs.


Our qualifications.

Let us help you comply with mandated state and federal laws, as well as manage your organization’s workforce related risk issues and challenges in safety, by addressing risk at your workplace culture level. We believe in empowering employees through safety ownership. Down below you can download Reliance Safety Consultants qualifications.

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