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Reliance Safety Consultants was founded in 2009 with the goal of assisting Companies profit while properly tending to their human resources by complying with Federal and State OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration), EPA, NFPA, and other regulations.

We know personally how it feels to see loved ones injured at work. Injuries at work cause emotional and financial hardships to families, and financially impact companies by decreasing profits. We are also familiar with the complexity, stress, and time wasting that companies face while complying with regulations such as daunting contract submittal requirements (IIPP, etc.), or responding to violations found during inspections. These personal connections fuel our passion for safety and compliance.

Our highly-experienced bilingual (Spanish) safety professionals are either authorized OSHA Instructors and/or have degrees and certifications in the Occupational Safety and Environmental field. Their experience ranges from working for Cal/OSHA and Fortune 500 companies providing consulting, training/certification, written programs, and audits/inspections with reports.

We provide services throughout California and neighboring states. We look forward to taking the hassle out of your safety programs so you can focus on what makes your company successful. 

With our firm’s diverse professional staff, we anticipate being able to provide all desired safety oversight services, allowing us to directly and effectively manage, control, and monitor the services we provide. Reliance Safety Consultants also maintains an electronic database to track individual tasks/projects to ensure project follow-up and completion in a timely fashion and in accordance with our clients’ requests and desired timelines.

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