In the last four years, Reliance Safety Consultants has been working to increase our learning channels to improve the training experience.

With the current acquisition of new business units, we have developed Extraleap, a site for self-improvement which includes online courses for you and your team to help you to take an extra leap.

Bringing more than 40 years of combined knowledge and expertise in safety training, and by following and teaching OSHA standards in our courses, we are now opening to new branches such as Human Resources and Education.

Extraleap is launching our business site as a tool to offer continued education to your team. With easy-to-follow courses, the whole learning process is even more interactive compared to one-to-one classes. As a future project, we are working to build a new part within our site, focusing on the learner. By focusing on self-improvement, we want to reach more personal growth content to cover more than the professional side of your teams.

During these difficult times we are learning how people can adapt and learn more from home. This experience has enriched us and given us a wide vision of our initial business model. We want to be your collaborator to help you to have an extra leap in your personal and professional life.

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